25 November 2017

Sweet World Round Up - Basque Cake.

22th edition of the Sweet World and we asked you to bake and try a Basque Cake!
A delicious cake, which recipe and history, you can read in this post.
The results, as you can check below, were, once again, fabulous! and, Susana and myself, we are very grateful to all the ones that, challenge after challenge, get out of their comfort zone and, push themselves in order to bake and bare with us.
Thank you so much!!
Meanwhile, don't forget to check here, the theme for our 23th edition!

Na 22ª edição do nosso Sweet World, pedimo-vos que fizessem e experimentassem um Bolo Basco!
Uma iguaria da região que lhe dá o nome e, sobre o qual, neste post, encontram a receita e ainda podem ler algumas curiosidades e factos.
Os resultados são sempre super animadores e, em nome da Susana e meu, só nos resta agradecer a todos os que, mês após mês, saem da sua "zona de conforto", abraçam o desafio e experimentam coisas novas e que (por mais vontade que tivéssemos), nunca faríamos ou ousaríamos fazer, não fosse este desafio.
Vamos então ver os lindos Bolos Bascos com que fomos presenteados e, não se esqueçam, no blogue da Susana, já está lançado o tema da 23ª edição do nosso SW - Mundo Doce!

21 November 2017

Rice with Chicken, Farinheira and Chorizo / Arroz de Frango, Farinheira (e chouriço).

“Enchidos” is the Portuguese word for our (many) varieties of cured and/or, dried sausages.
Different kinds of Chorizos, Alheiras and (my favourite of them all), Farinheiras, they all belong to the very ancient and cultural Portuguese tradition of cured or dried sausages and they’re mostly the reason why I can’t, ever! be a pure vegetarian.
Farinheira is a Portuguese smoked sausage made mainly from wheat flour, pork fat and seasonings.
It has a yellow/brown colour and it was invented by Portuguese Jews, in order to have "something" hanging on their smokehouses (faking the consumption of pork), to save them from the Inquisition. It is made with flour, which gives it its name, red pepper paste, paprika, wine and, nowadays, pork fat!
If you never tried a "Farinheira" before, you should run to your nearest Portuguese delicatessen and buy one but, you have to try a very good quality one, like the one I used in this rice, or else, you’ll be disappointed...
One of the things we can't ever leave behind, is any kind of "enchido" and, almost all of our traditional Portuguese dishes include some kind of "enchido" or cured meat.
I'm not complaining. I'm a true lover of this kind of food and all kinds of chorizo, "enchidos", bacon, prosciutto and relatives, they're all on top of the list for my "desert Island food"...
We (Portuguese), we love our "enchidos" as much as we love our rice and, you think of any combination using rice, you name it, and I bet, we will have a traditional recipe for it. From duck rice, shellfish rice, razor clams rice, octopus rice, to salted cod rice, we have them all covered and in a very delicious and traditional way.
"Prato do Dia - Dish of the Day" is the debut cook book from our most beloved Portuguese celebrity cook Filipa Gomes.
Prato do Dia, the name given to the book, is also the name of one the most popular cooking shows in Portugal (24Kitchen - Fox TV) and Filipa Gomes is its hostess.
Her straightforward, flavourful and delicious recipes are a success and her unpretentious way of life and approach to food, are absolutely inspirational.
I’ve had the honour to receive an advanced and signed (by the author herself), copy of the book and honestly, I'm totally in love with it.
Simple, divided in chapters like, Starters and Snacks, Fish and Shellfish, Meat and Desserts, the book is a delight to flick through and full of mouthwatering, simple and easy recipes for every day of the week.
I’m so honored and delighted to have a signed copy of Filipa's book and so thrilled to cook from it!
The recipe I'm sharing today, is the first recipe, tried and totally approved from the book and, as it is so full of Portuguese references and so special and close to my heart, it got to be cooked in one of my beloved "black clay" dishes. A very ancient, manual and traditional, Portuguese pottery from Bisalhães, a village in the North of Portugal.

17 November 2017

Georgian Chicken Soup / Sopa de Galinha da Geórgia.

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan.
Georgian cuisine often marries western techniques with eastern flavours and to find out more about its uniqueness, you should read this amazing and very interesting article.
To create this chicken soup, Christopher Kimball was inspired by a traditional Georgian recipe called "Chikhirtma".
As we love (specially the kids) chicken soup here at home, this recipe was one of the first ones I've marked down to try from Christopher Kimball's "Milk Street - The New Home Cooking". The book of the month for the online #rainydaybitescookbookclub!
As soon as I started reading the recipe, a similar soup came up to my mind. The Greek Avgolemono soup. A soup that we loved a lot and that is also finished with eggs and lemon juice.
This Georgian soup I'm posting today is rich, full of flavour, creamy and so comforting for these cold days that, if you try it, I can assure you'll be making it over and over again.

14 November 2017

Spanish Garlic Soup / Sopa de Alho Espanhola.

This month, Deborah chose Christopher Kimball's "Milk Street - The New Home Cooking" as the book of the month for the online #rainydaybitescookbookclub!

This cookbook features 125 recipes from all around the world where the focus is maximizing flavour using simple recipes where flavours are layered.
The recipes don't require long lists of ingredients, unusual appliances, or spending all day standing over the stove. The recipes are interesting, varied, and simple to make.
Kimball states that, "cooking and sharing food is central to the human condition" and he also dedicates this book "... to the notion that cooking is the universal language of the human spirit".
How inspiring are these sentences?
Last week, as the first recipe challenge of the month, we cooked this absolutely divine Cuban Style Pork Shoulder with Mojo Sauce, which was to die for and I'll post the recipe here, sometime soon.
I have lots of recipes marked down to be tried from the book but, this one (soup... you know I love soups right?), had to be the first one to be shared.
A soup that is super simple to make, calls for very humble ingredients and that is packed full of flavour.
According to the recipe book caption, this is an " 'end of month' recipe - the sort of meal to make quickly with whatever is on hand and when money is tight" and it is indeed!!

30 October 2017

Lamb Burgers with Pomegranate Seeds / Hambúrgueres de Borrego com bagos de Romã.

"New York Christmas - Recipes & Stories" by Lisa Nieschlag and Lars Wentrup, is a book that will transport you to the magic and beautiful streets of New York and its iconic white Christmas.
Full of mouthwatering recipes, this book covers all your Christmas holidays food needs. From Christmas baking, winter brunch, holidays classics, Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve, you'll find everything you need to satisfy and indulge your family and friends around the festive season.
Not to talk about the absolutely fabulous stories and photos that are like entering an enchanted fairy tale or one of the New York Christmas movies that makes us dream about The Perfect Christmas!
A book that I'm totally in love with and that is on my kitchen table since the day I got it. I'll be cooking a lot from it during this season and, of course, in between food steps and processes, I'll keep on reading the stories and dreaming over the gorgeous photos of New York.
A big thank you to the publisher Murdoch Books UK that sent me this gem of a book that I totally recommend!
These burgers were the first recipe I tried as, I marked down so many to try that, of course, I couldn't wait until Christmas to try them all right?
The meat is slow cooked with some Christmassy spices and after 3 hours, it just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. A recipe to try over and over again and that was loved an joyfully enjoyed by adults and kids.
As this month Marta asked us to make recipes featuring pomegranate for her October "ingredient of the month", I invite Marta to try and enjoy these delicious burgers.

28 October 2017

Fig & Rose Millefeuille / Mil Folhas de Figos e Rosas.

You all know I love a good millefeuilles right?
To me, Millefeuilles are like Pavlovas! Can't see one new recipe of either of them, and you'll spot me running into the kitchen to make it straightaway!
In this post, you can see the list of all the homemade millefeuilles I've already made until today and, this one, with all these exotic and Persian flavours, couldn't go unnoticed and not being part of my millefeuilles list, right?
This is another great recipe from Sabrina Ghayour beautifully gorgeous "Feasts" book and it was so, so delicious that I had to share it with you all.
Try it and thank me later because you will be delighted :))).

23 October 2017

Pumpkin Cake with Browned Butter Streusel for the Virtual Pumpkin Party / Bolo de Abóbora com Streusel de "Beurre Noisette" para a Festa Virtual da Abóbora.

It's Virtual Pumpkin Party Day again and I so love to cook with pumpkin, that I couldn't miss this day for anything in the world!
Last year I created this fabulous Pumpkin and Coconut Caramel Flan to celebrate the day but, this year, as I have so many things up to my sleeve, I decided to make a recipe from one of my favourite books at the moment!
This cake is any "pumpkin lovers" dream as it's moist, full of spicy and autumnal flavours and totally perfect for these autumnal days.!
The recipe s from Brian Hart Hoffman "Bake from Scratch" cook book and it's a real delight.
I have to say that the browned butter streusel topping is just to die for so, in case you want to give this gorgeous and delicious cake a go, here is the recipe and..., just in case you want to have a look and check all the fabulous bloggers that are celebrating this day and all the fantastic delights they cooked, check Sara's blog and enjoy the pumpkin feast.

20 October 2017

Pastel Vasco / Bolo Basco - Gâteau Basque or/ou Basque Cake.

Gâteau Basque is the theme for this month and the 22th edition of the Sweet World!
Want to make a Pastel Vasco?
The rules are simple:
  1. You have until the 20th of November to make and publish your Basque Cake. 
  2. That same day, 20th of November, Susana will let you know on her blog, the theme for the 23th edition of the Sweet World.
  3. You'll have to leave your link here, in this post, in order to be featured in the monthly round up that will be published here on the blog, on the 25th of November.

16 October 2017

Cranberry and Pecan no-knead Bread for the World Bread Day / Pão "sem amassar" de Arandos e Pecã para o Dia Mundial do Pão.

It's World Bread Day and, of course, as a huge bread lover, I have to celebrate the day!
As long as I live, I'll always be amazed with the simplicity of the most ancient form of prepared food. The simplest ingredients combined and kneaded in order to feed people all over the World in its most pure, humble and simplistic way.
This year, after changing my mind time over time and recipe after recipe, I decided to make this simple yet super delicious and crusty no-knead bread.
No-knead breads are amazing. You just have to handle the dough as little as possible, let it rise for a long time and you'll have the most delicious crusty bread with an outstanding soft interior. Plus! Slow breads are most healthy and recommended right? So, hurray to slow breads and slow living!
The recipe is from Brian Hart Hoffman gorgeous "Bake from Scratch" book, from which, I've already made this Babka, this Focaccia and this amazing Cake.
For this bread, the book gives you a main, no-knead bread recipe, followed by a few flavoured options. I opted for this cranberry and pecan flavoured bread and it turned out so deliciously good that I'm tempted to try all the flavour variations soon.
Today, the bread reigns and, if you want to have a look at the breads I baked for World Bread Day in previous years, you can have a look here (2016), here (2015) and here (2014).
Meanwhile, be happy and give some love to your bread!

14 October 2017

Pomegranate and Chocolate Cake / Bolo de Chocolate e Romã.

This chocolate cake it's an absolute dream for any chocolate lover.
Rich, dense, intense, chocolaty and super moist, this cake is a stunner and was literally devoured in a few hours, by all the chocolate lovers in this household.
The recipe is from John Gregory-Smith new cook book "Orange, Blossom & Honey".
A book full of mouthwatering Moroccan recipes and every and each page is a journey to the souks and streets of Morocco.
This is the first recipe I made from the book and I chose this one, not because of the chocolate but mostly because of the pomegranate.
Pomegranate is the chosen ingredient from Marta as the "ingredient of the month" and, as soon as I saw this recipe, I knew I had to make it straightaway, not just because I'm surrounded by chocolate lovers here at home, but also because I wanted it at Marta's table, to celebrate October and the pomegranate!

11 October 2017

Burrata with burnt Oranges, Pistachios, Mint and Pomegranate / Burrata com Laranjas queimadas, Menta e Romã.

Delicious little sharing "salad" type plate, from Sabrina Ghayour new book "Feasts" and one that fits perfectly into this month's "Marta's ingredient of the month" which is, pomegranate!!
I truly adore Sabrina's books and this last one, "Feasts" is a real delight.
Full of colorful and delightful recipes and the type of book that makes you go to the kitchen and cook the book off!
This salad was the first recipe I prepared form the book. Not just because I'm mad about Burrata, but also because all the ingredients and colours combination was screaming "PREPARE ME"!!
This plate is not, just easy and quick to prepare, but it's also a great combination of flavours and textures.
As soon as I saw that Marta chose pomegranate as the ingredient of the month, I knew that this gorgeous plate would be a winner at her monthly table and here it is!

9 October 2017

Red Curry, Ginger and Squash Soup / Sopa de Abóbora, Caril Vermelho Tailandês e Gengibre.

For this month's Rainydaybites Cookbook Club, we are cooking from Joanne Chang and Karen Akunowicz "Myers + Chang at Home" book.
This cookbook brings to the table dishes from the incredibly popular Boston restaurant. The recipes are Asian inspired and unique with a focus on flavour.
The perfect book to kick off the comfort food season and for me, nothing is more comforting than a big bowl of soup and that's why this was the first recipe I chose from the book.
Full of balanced flavours, this soup is perfect for lunch or dinner and it's so satisfying that, after having a warm bowl of it, you don't need anything else.